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Marsh Madness: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

While many in the U.S. are rooting for their favorite teams during March Madness, we at Plug are celebrating our version of what we call “Marsh Madness”! It’s a busy time at the company and we were lucky to have a few minutes to catch up with CEO Andy Marsh to learn a little bit more about him and share that with you all.

CEO Andy Marsh

Andy, tell us a few things about yourself:

  1. Hawaii is one of my favorite vacation spots.
  2. I am a history buff!
  3. My favorite musician is Bruce Springsteen. I first heard Bruce while painting the flashing at North Willow Grove Elementary School in 1973, working with a buddy. I was making a $1.10 an hour that summer.
  4. I grew up in Philadelphia and haven’t lived there for forty years, but I’m still a Philly fan through and through — Go Eagles! 
  5. I’m thrilled by young, brilliant minds who are innovating our future world. I love spending time in conversations with enthusiastic students, and feel I’ve learned something with every conversation. 
  6. I am one of four children, all of whom are boys!
  7. I’m a graduate of Temple University.  I’m currently sitting on one of their academic boards and like to visit my alma mater when I can.
  8. I like to exercise — going on a run helps to clear out my mind.

Now, can you tell us a bit about how you approach Plug and the larger ecosystem:

  1. When it comes to the hydrogen ecosystem, I’m not just thinking about the next three to five years, — I’m thinking about the next 30.
  2. I often think about a lesson I learned at COP26, which is the notion that “one of the biggest challenges is not the developed world, but the question of how to develop the world.”
  3. I deeply and fundamentally trust the good in humanity, and I manage my teams with that in mind. 
  4. Corporate culture is very important to me. The culture of our company is integral to our functioning. It’s all about the teams, the passion, the knowledge, and the creation of something new. We’ve got to dream big to do what we’ve set out to do – change the world.

Ok, that’s 12 things we didn’t know about you! Final question, Andy: who are you rooting for in the March Madness tournament?

In honor of my Philadelphian background, I have to root for the Nova Wildcats.

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