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Eco-Runner Brings Green Hydrogen to the Finish Line

Plug is proud to be a sponsor of this hydrogen-powered car, which recently took to the tracks.

Race car drivers could soon find some real competition — at least in the sustainability category. Plug is proud to be a sponsor of Eco-Runner XII, a car a part of the Shell Eco-Marathon, a global competition focused on making mobility more efficient.

The sleek Eco-Runner XII — developed by students — is the world’s most efficient hydrogen-powered city car, which has so far driven 1,195 kilometers on just 350 grams, setting a world record. Aside from powering this modern car with hydrogen, the designers of Eco-Runner created a vehicle with less weight — acknowledging that less energy is needed when a vehicle weighs less.

Designers said that in order to limit the weight in the car, they created carbon fiber parts that are traditionally made with steel. They also developed a custom-made electrical motor with increased efficiency and optimized the powertrain system with a fuel cell.

Notably, the team that brought this vision to life included 23 students, from 10 different study backgrounds, from Delft University of Technology.

The Eco-Runner symbolizes the possibilities that can be achieved when applying innovation to existing applications. Plug is a strong believer that green hydrogen can safely provide up to 20% of the world’s energy needs. However, to reach that goal, we need to work together to change how we power existing applications through smart innovation.

Thank you to the Eco-Runner team for joining Plug in leading the charge! We’ll see you on the road!

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