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Plug’s ProGen Fuel Cells Power Flying Airliner

Universal Hydrogen used Plug’s industry-leading fuel cells to fly a 40-passenger regional plane on Thursday.

fuel cell airliner

History was made Thursday when Universal Hydrogen’s flying testbed took to the skies using Plug’s ProGen fuel cells.

The 40-passenger regional airliner nicknamed “Lightning McClean,” flew using hydrogen fuel cell propulsion — a powertrain built around Plug’s own family of fuel cells that have been modified for aviation use. Unlike grid-reliant batteries, the fuel cells are free of carbon emissions but also weigh drastically less and cost less.

“Plug is proud to be a part of Universal Hydrogen’s significant day in aviation history,” Plug CEO Andy Marsh said. “We’ve long said hydrogen can power applications, such as planes, while reducing toxic carbon emissions. Today, we proved it, and we’re one step closer to a more sustainable future.”

 Lightning McClean took off Thursday morning from Grant County International Airport in Washington state where it flew for 15 minutes at 3,500 feet (about twice the height of the Empire State Building).

Check out the video below of the momentous event.

The post Plug’s ProGen Fuel Cells Power Flying Airliner first appeared on Plug Power.

The post Plug’s ProGen Fuel Cells Power Flying Airliner appeared first on Plug Power.