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GreenH2@Work Employee Spotlight: Tyler Sundermann

Plug is home to a variety of enthusiastic employees looking to lead the change in the green hydrogen ecosystem. Tyler Sundermann has proven to take charge as the Depot Repair Team Lead. Tyler has always bought into Plug’s culture by encouraging his team to always be innovative.

Tyler’s favorite part about Plug is, “that anyone can help develop our processes to make them better. I always encourage my technicians to bring up new ideas to make our jobs easier and more efficient”.

As the leader of his team, Tyler rarely has a dull moment. As Depot Repair team lead Tyler is responsible for maintaining the inventory physically and through our resource planning system, ordering inbound and outbound trucking, as well as operating a pallet jack and forklift.

Starting the day at 7:00 am, Tyler kicks off a whirlwind of activity. The morning is dedicated to tackling emails, orchestrating the seamless flow of parts and units in and out, a task that often spans the entire day. Engaging in daily cycle counts keeps the team on their toes, ensuring precision in inventory management.

 As the team lead, he checks in on the team’s progress with repairs, extending a helping hand whenever needed. It’s a dynamic role, and he thrives in the fast-paced rhythm of keeping Plug’s operations running like a well-oiled machine.

Tyler looks forward to the future of Plug. He is “very interested in being a part of the spearhead of the hydrogen industry.”

Outside of Plug, you’ll catch Tyler kicking back and enjoying the simple things. Whether it’s hanging out at home with his cats or spending time with his friends and family.

Beyond the 9-to-5 hustle, Tyler dives into some cool hobbies – think working on cars, hitting the ice for some hockey, building computers, and having a blast with board games and friends. When Tyler leaves the office, he is just like anyone else. When asked for a fun fact, he stated that he has owned 3 ford fiestas in the past 4 years.

Tyler Sundermann, Plug’s Depot Repair Team Lead, is the go-to guy for keeping things smooth and innovative. Beyond his role in fixing and orchestrating daily tasks, Tyler fosters a culture of openness and creativity, encouraging the team to bring in fresh ideas. Whether juggling emails and parts or checking in on the team’s progress, Tyler thrives in the dynamic rhythm of his role.

The post GreenH2@Work Employee Spotlight: Tyler Sundermann first appeared on Plug Power.

The post GreenH2@Work Employee Spotlight: Tyler Sundermann appeared first on Plug Power.