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GreenH2@Work Employee Spotlight: Laura Lachell

Senior Manager of Key Accounts Laura Lachell on helping customers save money and decarbonize.

If you ask Laura Lachell about her best day as a Plug employee, she’ll tell you about the first purchase order she completed. Lachell, who joined Plug in June 2014, said her first fuel cell purchase order was “only” a couple units, but it was a highlight for her.

“I printed out the PO and hung it proudly in my cubicle,” Lachell said. “It is humbling to look back on that moment now that I’ve added a new customer, expanded existing fleets, and converted sites to Plug hydrogen infrastructure.”

Today, Lachell is the Senior Manager for Key Accounts where she works with new and existing customers to analyze business cases and manage commercial programs, focused on material handling and pedestal accounts. She has worn several different hats since joining Plug more than eight years ago, but still ends the day knowing the impact she made in each customer’s life.

“I am most excited when my customers’ operations are improved by hydrogen and fuel cells,” Lachell said. “They are moving more products, making sustainable choices for their businesses, and operating more efficiently. When my customers say things like ‘I made the right decision partnering with Plug,’ it makes me proud to work in this industry and for Plug.”

Aside from helping customers decarbonize their operations while saving money, Lachell said she enjoys working for Plug because of the entrepreneurial spirit the team shares.

“Plug encourages creative thinking and solutions,” she said. “In a customer facing role, I am frequently tasked with finding creative win-win solutions. As a manager of the pedestal account team, we have a roundtable meeting every Monday to share best practices and brainstorm on how we can improve our processes and customer relationships.”

If you’re interested in joining Lachell at Plug, check out our job openings here:

The post GreenH2@Work Employee Spotlight: Laura Lachell first appeared on Plug Power.

The post GreenH2@Work Employee Spotlight: Laura Lachell appeared first on Plug Power.