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GreenH2@Work Employee Spotlight: Koshu Takatsuji

Plug’s Market Strategy Analyst on helping governments and businesses transition to green hydrogen.

Since joining Plug six months ago, Koshu Takatsuji has had many career highlights. As a market strategy analyst, Takatsuji is tasked with identifying markets where hydrogen can be used to decarbonize operations, while also examining the technology and costs needed for success.

Koshu Takatsuji

“What excites me about hydrogen and fuel cells is their ability to decarbonize hard-to abate sectors such as heavy duty transportation, ammonia for fertilizer, and potentially as marine transportation fuel,” Takatsuji said.

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So far in his Plug career, Takatsuji is helping government entities build out successful hydrogen ecosystem plans. Working with groups across the U.S., he said he’s proud to work with other highly-driven individuals to make a positive impact on the world.

“Plug is at an ideal location within the hydrogen ecosystem as the company has the ability to talk to end-users to understand their needs, while being a hydrogen solutions provider,” Takatsuji said. “It’s great that the company works directly with customers to understand the challenges, and how to address them.”

As far as his best green hydrogen day so far? Takatsuji said any day he’s acknowledged for the work he does is a great day. Of course, that acknowledgement is often!

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