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Driving Towards a Sustainable Future: Plug’s Commitment to ESG 

Sustainability is a practice and an ethos at Plug, where being a good global citizen and operating in a circular economy doesn’t just make good business sense – it’s a guiding principle we look to embed into our operations. Our commitment to corporate sustainability embraces a holistic approach that prioritizes societal well-being, environmental stewardship, value creation, and thoughtful governance. We are proud to present Plug’s 2023 ESG Report.

Plug 2023 ESG report - fuel cells

In this fourth ESG report, Plug has made strides in advancing our ESG reporting, including completion of an initial Scope 3 GHG emissions inventory, concentrating on identifying relevant disclosure categories. This involved building internal capacity for data collection and aligning with relevant emission factors. This effort continues Plug’s progress on reporting relevant emissions data to stakeholders, which includes reporting on Scope 1 and 2 emissions, water metrics, and electricity usage for a second year.

As a leader in the hydrogen economy, Plug is acutely aware of the pivotal role we can play in driving the transition to a low-carbon future. This makes ESG values intrinsic to our business strategy, guiding our efforts to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. We are dedicated to establishing a systematic and integrated approach to address risks, drive value, and build organizational resilience in an ever-evolving ESG landscape.

One of the highlights of our 2023 ESG journey was the expansion of our social initiatives. A key highlight was deepened partnerships with universities to drive educational initiatives, empowering future generations with the knowledge and skills necessary to have fulfilling careers in the hydrogen industry and navigate the challenges of tomorrow’s world.These efforts underscore Plug’s holistic approach to sustainability, recognizing the interconnectedness of social, environmental, and economic factors.

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our products, core values, and the commitment of our employees. Plug recognizes its role in the transition away from fossil fuels and mitigating the impact of climate change. We remain mindful of the need for a circular business model that efficiently optimizes Earth’s natural resources, reduces environmental footprint, and trims operational waste.

Thank you to our customers, partners, suppliers, investors, and supporters for their trust and collaboration. Together, we are working to make the hydrogen economy a reality.

The post Driving Towards a Sustainable Future: Plug’s Commitment to ESG  first appeared on Plug Power.

The post Driving Towards a Sustainable Future: Plug’s Commitment to ESG  appeared first on Plug Power.