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The Face of Green Hydrogen Arrives at the NASDAQ

Plug held a VIP First Look event at the NASDAQ building in New York City on Tuesday, revealing a fresh, new brand, purpose and logo reflecting its commitment to building a more secure and sustainable energy future.

The new brand underscores Plug’s commitment to solving two connected, massive global problems: Helping companies use energy much more wisely and weaning the planet from fossil fuels while improving energy security. Plug believes green hydrogen will lead global electrification and be a major part of a clean energy future.

We showed off one of our rebranded hydrogen delivery trailers in Times Square.

Plug’s leaders, including CEO Andy Marsh, CMO Preeti Pande, CSO Sanjay Shrestha and GM Material Handling and Global Key Accounts Jose Luis Crespo, walked the invited guests through the brand story, punctuated by a series of “Green Hydrogen at Work” videos featuring employees from throughout the organization.

Our guests learned that the new Plug brand delivers upon important commitments:

  • Think, talk, act like a customer to reach Plug’s goals
  • Make hydrogen easy to understand, accept, use and advocate
  • Deliver success —commercially for customers, environmentally for the planet, and as a company for the Plug people

The Face of Green Hydrogen

Plug’s new logo, identified as the Plug promise, embodies its purpose. The face emphasizes that Plug is accountable, optimistic, and focused on human progress. The Plug logo is a promise to customers, partners, and the planet. Through design and color, the logo sends a clear signal that Plug is an integrated green hydrogen company.

Andy Marsh summed up Plug’s new brand when he said, “You have to be bold!” 

A replay of the event is available for viewing now.

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