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Plug's Megawatt-Scale Fuel Cell Power Generation System

Join Plug as we explain more about our megawatt-scale fuel cell power generation system and take a tour of the Vista manufacturing facility in Latham, NY. This system is comprised of our 125kW ProGens that can be configured to provide 500kW to 1.5MW of power in each 40' ISO container. It is an on-demand, on-site system that can be used for backup, intermittent, or primary power and produces zero emissions. As industries, governments, and businesses evolve, power needs are changing too. Currently, the demand for energy is increasing while the grid infrastructure continues to age. In many places, electric grid users can't get enough safe, reliable, clean energy to operate - this is where Plug's fuel cell power generation system can help. In this video, take a tour of Plug's fuel cell product with Scott Spink, our VP of Applications Engineering, to learn about features and capabilities of the fuel cell. Get an introduction to the various use-cases with Tim DeFranco, our Senior Program Manager, which include charging EV fleets, wildfire risk reduction, renewable firming, and microgrids. And finally, take a tour of Plug's manufacturing facility with David Toth, our Senior Director of Manufacturing Engineering.